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Laminator Manufacturer
GL-P-390 Multi

Laminator GL-P-390 Multi, is a top quality A3 laminator with a fiber body and delivers high-quality lamination for documents for home office use or for a small organization.

  • It is a multipurpose laminator that comes with a:
    • Laminator,
    • 3 types of trimmers, straight cut, wave cut and perforation cut.
    • A corner rounder.
  • It can laminate pouches from 75-125 microns.
  • It has a laminating width of 330 mm and laminating speed of 300 mm per minute.
  • It comes with two-roller system that ensures a flat finished document every time.
  • High quality heating system prevents blistering and allows it to automatically switch off in case of over heating.
  • It has modern design release button that can be used in case of jams
  • It warms up in as little as 3-5 minutes, which is indicated by a light indicator
  • It comes with a hot and a cold switch.
  • Laminator GL-P-390 Multi comes with a detailed explanation of Trimmer (Paper cutter).
  • It has three types of cutters that come with a setting lock. All three cutters can cut 3 sheets of paper of 80 GSM.
  • Corner rounder feature is at the reverse side of the machine
  • The compact design allows it to be appropriate for office desk or home office purpose.
  • It comes with a high quality power cable making it compliant with stringent Indian standards
  • The laminator will automatically go into sleep mode if not used for more than 30 minutes

It processes the lamination of at a speed of 300 mm per minute. Laminator GL-P-390 Multi weighs about 1.9 kgs and is 420x145x100 (mm) in size.

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Product Features at a glance

  • Top Quality Laminator with 3 functionalities, laminator, trimmer and corner rounder. Can laminate pouches from 75-125 microns
  • Fast warm-up speed
  • Uses 2 hot roller technology
  • Automatically shuts down when overheated
  • Ideal for small offices and home office use
  • Laminating width: 330 mm
  • Laminating speed: 300 mm per minute
  • Jam release function
  • Hot/Cold Switch

Product Specifications at a glance

Product TypePouch Laminator
Body TypeFiber
Weight1.9 kgs
ApplicationFor Laminating Pouches
Size420x145x100 (mm)

Laminator is a device that is used to fuse two pieces of plastic together with paper in between. One of the primary reasons to laminate any document or piece of paper is to preserve the quality of the paper/material being laminated. Laminator provides a protective barrier against moisture stains and fingerprints. Due to the added layer of the plastic, it makes the paper thick and still which also prevents the paper from being folded or cut.

A laminator can be used for personal use at home, offices, schools, businesses, large enterprises etc. Few of the many functionalities of a laminator include preserving photographs, business cards, ID cards, instruction manuals, recipes, scrapbooks, posters, banners, maps, signage, instruction boards etc. Deepening on the functionality, a laminator is needed for; there are several types of laminators in the market.


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