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Paper Shredder Machine Manufacturer

  • Multi-cut scissors used to shred paper
  • Paper shredder machine has 8 sheets capacity of A4 size of 80 GSM.
  • It uses a strip cut technology that uses rotating knives to cut narrow strips of 6mm
  • It has a unique disposal feature and is equipped with a bin capacity of 13 litres
  • Growlam shredder not only manages to slice the papers, it also destroys plastic cards, stapler pins, DVDs, CDs etc.
  • A preferred choice for offices and organizations
  • It features a separate slot for credit and debit cards and discs
  • This high-tech equipment is energy saving device with auto start and off mechanism
  • It is also provided with a motor reverse function in case of paper jam
  • Paper shredder machine is very easy to use and is a perfect option for your home, office, school, banks, hotels etc.


Features at a glance

Cut ModeStrip Cut
Feed ModeFull Automatic
Throat Width218 mm
Sheet Capacity8 Sheets
Sheets Size & DensityA4 Size, 80 GSM
Cutting Size6 mm
Bin Volume13 liters
Cutting Speed2.5 m per minute
ControlsAuto on off
Paper Shredder Machine Manufacturer

A paper shredder machine is a mechanical device that is used to shred or cut paper into either strips or fine particles. It is widely used in Government organizations, businesses, and private individuals to help destroy private, confidential, or sensitive documents. Shredders are used to shred CDs, DVDs, Hard Drives, Creait Cards, Staples etc.

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