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Sensor Waste Bin

Get The Growlam Motion Sensor Waste Bin It’s Innovative Hygienic and Convenient

Are you looking for a groundbreaking element for your office, bathroom or kitchen? You must check the round waste bin from Growlam. It comes in perfect size for compact places. The unique feature of this bin is that its motion sensor automatically opens the lid as it detects a movement around. This is a great feature, which allows you to throw the trash without having to touch the bin. The lid closes on its own as you move away from the bin.

The bin comes in 9-litre and 35-liter sizes with retainer clips on the sides to hold the garbage bags in place. To keep the functions steady, 2 AA batteries are required which are not included in the purchase. If you require opening the bin for longer (for emptying out or other purposes), you can use the provided buttons and can control the bin manually.

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Motion Sensor Waste specifications - Growlam

Here are some specifications of the product that you must know:

Height14.1 Inches
Width8.2 Inches
The content in the packageGrowlam Waste Bin
FinishOriginal – White, Dark Blue and Black Metallic – Silver, Luxury, Gold, Bali Blue, Cream Grey
Package QuantityOne

A little more insight into Motion Sensor Waste Bin:

Motion sensor waste bin is a device that comes with a sensor and is easy to operate. It is also called an automatic waste bin. These automatic bins come with an infrared sensor. The sensor has to be activated manually, which gets an internal motor working to open the lid automatically, as there is a movement near the bin. Thus, there is never a need to touch the bin. This feature and more make the motion sensor waste bin perfect for office spaces and modern home kitchens. The bins are also equipped with manual open and close buttons to facilitate the open-lid for longer duration. This high-tech and utility bin is also not very expensive s compared to the regular or traditional waste bins.

Notable features:

  • Automatic Motion sensor
  • Hands free and effective waste disposal
  • Sleek modern design that blends with the décor
  • Made of durable molded dents and rust resistant plastic
  • Simple and easy to understand interface and buttons


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