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Ultra Glossy Photo Paper

  • It has excellent ink absorption and instant dry characteristics making it smudge resistant.
  • It is water resistant for ease of handling, especially in tropical conditions
  • Smooth glossy surface for brilliant photo printing quality
  • Suitable for high-resolution printers
  • This high-quality glossy paper come in two sizes A4 size/210×297 mm and 6’x4’ size making it compatible for any inkjet printer at home or office.
  • Support high resolution printers
  • Full toner gradation that helps to automatically adjust toner density (darkness) on the paper while printing or making a photocopy for better colour accuracy and image quality
  • Perfect colour saturation with beautiful tones
  • Ultra Glossy Photo Paper gives your prints a polished and professional look.
  • Fade resistant paper is perfect for framing
  • Print smudge free photos with vivid colours and incredible details with Ultra Glossy Photo Paper.

Ready to take your photos to the next level? Whether you want to print photographs for your personal use or you are a budding photographer looking to print photos for your projects or portfolio, Ultra Glossy Photo Paper is the solution. Bring out the beauty of your photos with our superior, high-quality and long-lasting photos with our ultra glossy photo paper and create an everlasting impression.

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Product Features at a glance

  • Excellent Ink Absorption
  • Smooth Glossy Surface
  • Water Resistant
  • Full Toner Gradation
  • Perfect Colour Saturation

Product Specifications at a glance

Product TypeUltra Glossy Photo Paper
Paper SizeA4 / 4″x6″
Paper Weight260 GSM per sheet
Quantity100 sheets per pack
ApplicationCan be used for all Inkjet printers

Print everyday pictures with vibrant colours on this Ultra Glossy Photo Paper by GrowLam. Whether you are looking to print for scrapbooks, albums, photo projects or photo printing, these quick-drying ultra glossy sheets of paper are a perfect solution.

Ultra Glossy Photo Paper


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Premium Glossy Photo Paper
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